Morning Gratitude List 1

First in a series of daily morning gratitude lists
  1. My friends that recently helped me through some extremely down days. SM,ME,MI,SM,JE,DD,MD, AM, Em1, Em2 (just for existing) and all my immediate coworkers that were awesome and understanding
  2. Online dating apps, especially hinge. Makes it way easier to get over someone when you realize in a very tangible way, that there really are a lot of single women out there.
  3. Running, especially outside. Certain physical activities seem to help me get into a better mood
  4. Yoga, asanas and lately been getting into reading more about it and meditating and reflecting on the other branches. At the very least it's been keeping my mind busy.
  5. Podcasts, also have been good at keeping me busy
  6. Getting more attractive, life is easier when your not an ugly fat lazy piece o shit