826LA opened up our center in Mar Vista three years ago today! We've fallen in love with this vibrant, diverse, and community-oriented neighborhood. Take a tour of Mar Vista and its environs using this guide, written by students from 826LA in partnership with CicLAvia.
  1. Ballona Creek
    "Ballona Creek is special because of the beautiful and fashionista birds." -Angie, age 8
  2. Mar Vista Branch Library
    "As you walk into the library, something feels like the place is cozy with a cafe smell . . . The area is filled with many books and CDs in the back that no one barely knows about. Depending on where you study, it can be quiet or full of sound. No matter what my body will fall down into a sleepy trance." -Nadia, age 12
  3. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
    "Menchie's is a good place to start and visit with your friends and hang out on that day in the summertime or in the wintertime." -Kaiha, age 11
  4. Venice Pier
    "I like to go to the beach because listening to the waves and seeing the ocean is calming, and the warm sand feels good. The ocean smells good like sugar because it's salty, and the smell makes you tired and drowsy." -Cleo, age 10
  5. 826LA
    "826LA is a great place to learn and meet new people. The people there are really helpful and nice. They spend their time here just to help us." -Katherine, age 10
  6. JG's
    "Junior Lifeguards, or JG's, is a really fun summer class meant to teach kids how to be a lifeguard. JG's takes place at the beach. The coaches are lifeguards. This is an opportunity to make new friends. You will learn to protect yourself and to protect others." -Jason, age 10
  7. Muscle Beach
    "Muscle Beach has obstacles that make you exercise." -Ben, age 8