All the things you NEED for Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

This is not a drill - THIS IS A REAL THING. And 826LA kinda REALLY knows this whole "time travel" thing. So we present to you the Tri-Dimensional Gift Gift Giving Guide to celebrate this perfect, perfect day. Get 20% off all online orders with the code 'TimeAfterTime.'
  1. On the first non-descript day of all possible time lines, my true love gave to me a Cryogenic drink koozziieeeeeeeeeeeee.....
  2. For all beginner time travelers, we recommend a scheduled tour of Pangea. Pick up a Pangea print as you exit through the gift shop.
    'This landmass is your landmass, this land mass is my land mass. This is literally the only land mass.'
  3. STUNT on these robots.
    Spoiler Alert: in the future, robots rule everything - show them that old fashion swag and cop an enamel pin in order to lead a successful coup against robot overlords.
  4. Primordial Soup for the Soul
    101 Stories to Open Wormholes and Rekindle The Beginning of Time
  5. For the oh-so-weary Traveler of Time? A book of course.
    Time traveling is hard - put on your favorite jammies, listen to some white noise,and curl up with a book written by the students of 826LA. It'll give you hope, joy, a good cry, and laugh or two - no matter what dimension.