1. ANCIENT: "Something billions of years old." - Ronnie
  2. BUTTERFLY: "Something that can fly and it has wings to fly and it has antenna to know where to go." - Stephanie
  3. CHOCOLATE CHIP PIZZA: "Is a pizza that has chocolate chips on it." - Anthony
  4. DESERT: "Is not a place where you can have fun. It is very hot, and you can rarely find water. There are lots of different types of animals. I chose desert because I want everyone to know how the desert is not a fun place." - Sergio
  5. EXPLORING: "If you explore, you can discover things." - Omar
  6. FOOD: "Food is like hot lunch. You eat it. Your mom cooks food. I eat it at 6:00." - Luna
  7. GRASS: "Grass is a plant that grows on dirt. Grass is really nice to play in." - Luis
  8. HEART: "A wiggly circle with blood and veins." - Diego
  9. ICE CREAM: "Something that you eat in the summer. It is also served on a cone. But it could be any flavor." - Lesley
  10. JAR: "Where you put the cookies." - Oscar
  11. KIND: "It means that you are nice and respectful." - Luisa
  12. LASER: "In space they use laser beams. Also medical or dental." - Karla
  13. MASHED POTATOES: "Vegetable you can put ketchup on." - Sherilyn
  14. NAPKIN: "Something to clean yourself with if you get dirty." - Lesly
  15. OOBLECK: "Slimy. Can walk on it if there is a lot. Can be any color." - Katherine
  16. POLLUTION: "To throw trash anywhere." - Gabriel
  17. QUANTITY: "A number of something." - Mauro
  18. REEF: "A reef is under water where fish live." - Enrique
  19. STAR: "A star is a yellow thing. It's also really shiny and doesn't live on the ground. It lives in space, and you cannot touch it." - Adam
  20. TACOS: "It is a flat crispy corn tortilla. It can have beans, lettuce, cheese, rice, and meat." - Kevin
  21. UMPIRE: "A person in baseball who makes sure they follow the rules." - Alanna
  22. VOCALIST: "A person who sings." - Wilson
  23. WATER: "A liquid that we drink. 70% of the earth is water." - Jorge
  24. ZESTY: "A word to describe a flavor like a citrus food." - Heydy