2016 has been a hard year. Like a really hard year. Self-care has been necessary for us to make it this far. 826LA created a wall for students, volunteers, and staff to share what self-care means to them. We recommend you use these tips from students literally all the time. 💗🙏🏽
  1. "When I am sad, I watch Netflix and eat ice cream."
  2. "First I breath in and out I would do something calm like read or lay down."
  3. "When I'm sick my mom usually gets me tea and Pepto Bismo and I try to puke."
  4. "1. Play Pokémon 2. Do a bottle flip 3. Listen to music 4. Say bad words 5. Go to bed"
  5. "When I'm sad, I hug Maggie my puppy."
  6. "When I feel frustrated, I play soccer to calm down."