It's officially August 26th aka 8/26 aka 826DAY! To celebrate, we asked our staff, students, volunteers, and educators to share some 8-ku-6's in a virtual poetry slam! Here are some of our favorites. (We are pretty into 826 if you couldn't already tell.)
  1. 826LA Volunteer // At Last // Best thing I've ever done
    By @laRosalind on Twitter
  2. "I wish I had this when I was // a kid." // So make it happen now.
    By @laurench on Instagram
  3. I still think about them often // How nice // They do not go away
    By @mamucci1 on Instagram
  4. Students shine bright all day all night // True joy // Volunteering for them
    By Art Gardner on Facebook
  5. Volunteering at 826 // SO fun // Writing, learning...laughter
    By @betsybasom on Twitter
  6. Creativity & Writing / two things/ That bring 'living' to life.
    By @pitchingtents on Instagram