"The City," an La-inspired Poem by Gabriela, Age 13

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  1. The crowded streets and honking of cars and trucks restless as ever.
  2. The smell of caffeine and looks of tired faces.
  3. The pushing and shoving on the streets and businessmen in suits.
  4. The girls with their hair dyed blonde and chokers on their necks.
  5. The people on the streets not sparing a glance.
  6. The artists and singers with clicks and squeals following them at every turn.
  7. The sirens breaking through the traffic jam and speeding cars a-running.
  8. The cigarette smoke wavering through the crowds.
  9. The polluting smoke being inserted in our lungs.
  10. The smiling faces of a new life.
  11. The smiling faces on a billboard with prices you won't believe!
  12. The towering skyscrapers with busy people and towers, towers of never ending paperwork.
  13. The technology advancement so high, as expensive as houses.
  14. The robbers stealing everything that comes in sight.
  15. The bookstores filled with college students buying new books.
  16. Museums crowded with wondering eyes from younger kids.
  17. This, in case you haven't noticed, is LA.