The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing

In the depths of a thrift store in Los Angeles, we struck gold: The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing By: Karen Lustgarten. Published in 1978. THIS IS OH SO REAL. Start practicing these moves for Let's Do the Time Warp (Again!) and get your $25 tickets now! Click here for disco magic:
  1. We weren't joking.
  2. The Single Touch Step
    "The feeling is bouncy; the knees are loose." Most important tip however - "Have fun with it!"
  3. The Disco Dynosoar
    "Recommended Practice Music: Stayin' Alive (Bees Gees), Disco Inferno (Trammps!)"
  4. The Special K
    It's getting a bit more complicated now....
  5. The Roach Step
    Wait, what?
  6. The L.A. Hustle
    "It debuted in Summer '75 in a small Disco in Los Angeles." Now we're talking.