Creative definitions by students from 826LA's free after-school tutoring program.
  1. "My idea of love is when you're sad, they make you feel confident." -Vanessa, age 11
  2. "Love is helping people and hugging your parents. I help my Dad dust the table." -Kevin, age 6
  3. "Love is giving people candy." -Natally, age 6
  4. "Love is when you love someone and you show a girl kindness." -Luis, age 10
  5. "Love is like kissing and hugging and kissing and kissing on the lips, and the family loving and getting married." -Isis, age 6
  6. "When you love someone you really like them. You give them a card. You give them lots of candy. You bring them to 826LA." -Ricardo, age 9
  7. "Love is a ball over the fence, out of the field feeling." -Natalie, age 12
  8. "Love means a feeling in your heart, like cleaning dishes for my Mom." -Fatima, age 7
  9. "Lunatic/ Obvious/ Verbal/ Emotions." -Ivan, age 12
  10. "Love is when you have affection. I have affection for my video games. I have affection for coffee and burgers." -Alejandro, age 8
  11. "Love is when you give your heart to someone else and thank them for loving you." -Juliana, age 8
  12. "Sometimes people's faces get red or pink and they give flowers or something." -Stacey, age 10
  13. "Love is what makes us happy and joyful. Love is on our side. It helps us in the most tight situations. It also can help us overcome most of our problems. Love is a strong emotion." -Luis, age 10