10 Reasons Why YOU'VE GOT MAIL is a Perfect Movie

Don't cry, Shopgirl.
  1. Script Perfection
    Delia and Nora Ephron penned something special. Nora was one of the best scribes of this generation. She's still missed dearly.
  2. Cast Chemistry
    From Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's undeniable pairing to a supporting cast that works seamlessly in every scene. Everyone clicks.
  3. World Building
    Sure it's an updated version of another film and it's not difficult to imagine New York in this manner, but the tiny details fly off the screen to transport you into this world. You can smell the pages of old children's books as you watch.
  4. Beating the Formula
    Romantic comedies are formulaic, but YOU'VE GOT MAIL makes you forget about it. It beats the formula by being a comfort.
  5. Ancillary Characters You Care About
    How great was Greg Kinnear? And Parker Posey? And.. the list goes on. While their stories aren't paramount you still care about the characters. Patricia Eden (Posey) is unlikable in the most loveable way. And Dave Chappelle was phenomenal.
  6. The Score
    Every beat brings you in. Every choice was nailed. The tone fit.
  7. Cuteness
    Romance should be cute. Joe Fox bringing Kathleen Kelly daisies because he knows it's her favorite flower? Or the quick scene where he reads the book (Pride & Prejudice) she recommended even though he doesn't enjoy it. Cute.
  8. Memorable Moments
    "Tall! Decaf! Cappuccino!" is but one of the numerous quotable and memorable scenes that still resonates today. This goes back to the script, but even some good scripts fail to land memorable moments that stick.
  9. Good Child Actors
    Child actors are often times the worst parts of movies, but the children in YOU'VE GOT MAIL are brilliant.
  10. The Happy Ending
    As with any great RomCom you have to get the happy ending correct. They do. The moments in front of her apartment before meeting in Riverside Park, the reveal, and the embrace. And Brinkley is there too. Exquisite.