For some our senior year is coming to an end. For others high school is barely about to begin after the summer. The good thing is that summer vacation is around the corner. Here are some things to do before us seniors check out of high school and begin a new journey where ever it may be.
  1. Take pictures
    Since many of the people we know in high school will probably go somewhere else and we will most likely not see some of them then the best way to remember the memories we have is by capturing the moment. Years later we can look back and remember our time in high school.
  2. Sign yearbook
    It is a traditional high school custom for classmates, friends and even teachers to sign each other's yearbooks. Try not to be so generic when writing in yearbooks. I try to write a touching personal passage to my close at friends with a touch of comedy.
  3. Give thanks
    It is respectful to give thanks to those who helped you as a student throughout our high school years. I personally felt that my counselor and a few of my teachers truly made an impact in my life as a successful student.