What I'm learning from this book by Dr. Jane Healt
  1. Our culture is sick and our children are getting the diagnosis.
  2. "It seems odd that parents have been driven to seek a diagnosis that something is wrong with their children. In the past, such a diagnosis was probably the last thing parents would have wanted." Robert Sternberg
  3. "My challenge here is to help you walk the critical line between celebrating each child's uniqueness and taking positive steps to avoid the enduring pain that can accompany too much 'difference'."
  4. What looks like a flaw in school sometimes looks like a talent later on.
  5. The more inflexible the system, the more kids will find themselves with a label.
  6. If things keep going as they are, we'll have more kids in special ed than in regular ed.
  7. Estimated that 80-90% of kids in special ed are there because of reading failure.
  8. Only 1/5 of students needing specialized services are receiving them.
  9. Learning problems are a mismatch between a child and their learning environment.
  10. Inform yourself. You don't have to be helpless consumers of other people's opinions and advice about your child.
  11. Labeling our children cripples them instead of liberating them. - Dr. Scott Shannon