So many more reasons could be added to this list. But I still love him dearly!
  1. He puts his finger in his ear and shakes it. Ew!
  2. Refuses to put his shoes away and then complains that he can't find them (because I've put them in his closet).
  3. Stacks the dishes in the sink but never actually washes them.
  4. Puts too much garlic in the food (every time he cooks dinner)!
  5. Mows the lawn without a shirt.
  6. Wears dress socks with tennis shoes.
  7. Comes to bed after me and turns on the light to read.
  8. Comes to bed after me and turns on the TV to watch Conan.
  9. Yells at the TV when watching the Cards play baseball.
  10. Insists we buy baseball tickets from scalpers instead of buying them online, ahead of time.
  11. Cuts into traffic with absolutely no concern for the man yelling from the car behind us.
  12. Forgets someone's name and so he introduces me to them and then walks away leaving me to figure it out.
  13. Throws me the football when I'm not expecting it. And then laughs that I can't catch. (I can catch!!!!)
  14. Clips his finger and toenails into the toilet and doesn't flush. Ew again!