These really help out when I'm craving my old conventional food. My inner vegan fatty is exposed.
  1. Oreos.
    Yep, they're vegan. And they're a perfect sub when I can't get to a vegan bakery or whole foods
  2. Just Mayo.
    This stuff tastes just like mayo, so much that my omni boyfriend prefers it.
  3. Carob Chips.
    They look like chocolate chips and taste pretty damn close.
  4. Follow Your Heart Shreds.
    So much better than any other veg cheese I've tried. Creamy and melts!
  5. Heidi-Ho.
    Funny name, but it tastes like heaven.
  6. Follow Your Heart Vegan Blue Cheese
    No seriously. I don't know what kind of black magic they use to get it to taste like blue cheese, but it tastes like blue cheese.
  7. Trader Joes Vegan Corn Dogs
    They taste better than the real deal.
  8. Earth Balance
    Most non vegans love this stuff too.
  9. Amy's
    Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.