Sorry this took me so long, it may already be too late.
  1. I will appreciate ANYTHING you send me.
    Whatever you may be considering.. Go for it! I love surprises!!
  2. I'm new to The List App..
    So I'm very sorry that I don't have tons of lists for you to scroll through to get ideas.
  3. If you would like some ideas though..
  4. Anything from where you live!
    Like an ornament, or something your state/town is known for would be very cool.
  5. A book that you love!
    I love to read and it would be fun to read one of your favorite books and know that it's special to you.
  6. Something homemade.
    Please do not feel any pressure on this one. I know that NOBODY would want anything that I could make myself!
  7. A puppy!
    Just kidding.. Kind of.
  8. Whatever you want to send!