I feel like I haven't had any time to read lists, respond to comments, or post any new lists in almost a week! Thankfully, it's for all good reasons.
  1. On Friday evening my husband and I went to dinner and to see the musical "Once" in Boston.
    It was my birthday present and it was just fantastic! We had a nice dinner, went to the show which was spectacular (I mean, they have a bar ON STAGE before the show and during intermission!!) and then continued our ritual of getting dumplings in Chinatown after the show! We even got a room and stayed in the city for the night. Overall, just a really amazing evening.
  2. On Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon walking around Boston.
    We strolled through the commons, ate an outstanding breakfast at Paramount (and got there just in time to avoid being in a line that was out the door and down the street) and did a little Christmas shopping.
  3. Saturday afternoon I worked on Christmas cards.
    Three hours of signing cards and addressing envelopes! And they are still sitting on my kitchen table..
  4. Sunday I went to NYC with two of my best friends.
    I live outside of Boston so I left my house at 6am and got back at 1am. It was an exhausting but very fun day! We did fun touristy things like look at the holiday displays in the shops on 5th Ave and go to Bryant park and rockerfeller center. Then we happened upon the cutest wine bar where we had dinner and shared a couple of bottles of wine. I was exhausted by the end of the day but it was such a great time with my friends, I'm very glad I went.
  5. Monday I was a zombie from only getting 4 hours of sleep. (I usually need a minimum of 9 to function properly).
    Work was horrible because I was so exhausted. When I was home after work our washing machine broke and flooded our basement so we had to deal with that. My husband did the majority of the water removal and heaving lifting and I did a lot of worrying.
  6. Tuesday I had a busy day at work and then drinks after with a client.
    Drinks was fun but then I had to rush home to make cookies for my company's holiday potluck/Yankee swap that was today.
  7. Today was another long day at work but we had our Holiday potluck which was very fun.
  8. Now I finally have time to catch up in the list app!
  9. I feel like I must have missed so much in the past 5 days!
  10. It feels so good to be back! ☺️