Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Not having to get up as soon as you open your eyes
  2. Making a dinner menu for the week and grocery shopping with your partner
    Let's be real, grocery shopping sucks, but doing it together makes it much better.
  3. Getting a chai latte as a special treat
    Or freshly brewed tea!
  4. This Sunday.. Picking out a Christmas tree!
  5. Decorating said Christmas tree with the family
    Complete with Christmas music, hot chocolate and dogs trying to play tug with the tree skirt.
  6. Going for a long hike and just chatting about anything and everything
    I've found the most open dialogue my husband and I have is when we're alone hiking through the woods. Must be something about nature!
  7. Sunday football!
    Not a die hard football fan but I do love to watch the Pats play on Sunday while eating wings, nachos or ribs and drinking a beer. It just feels right.