My first list!
  1. Wedging your cold feet perfectly under your partner so they're warm and toasty.
  2. Sharing bottles of wine and being surprised when you get to the end because the conversation has been captivating.
  3. Finding a couple of minutes during a busy day to sit and read.
  4. The perfect homemade grilled cheese sandwich.
    Great bread and just the right amount of cheese is critical for this.
  5. When you're having a bad day but a stranger is unexpectedly thoughtful.
    I once started crying because someone at a stop light moved forward a little so I could get around them and take a right turn...
  6. A great steak.
    Whether cooked at home on the grill or at a nice restaurant.. Red meat is heavenly.
  7. When you suddenly smell something, and you think "wow that smells really nice" and it turns out it's you.