1. Cocktail--yes, it's so very bad, and Tom Cruise's hairdo and hair length changes in every scene, but it's so very 80s. And it's peak Elisabeth Shue. I'll watch it until the the end of the Jamaica segment, then flip the channel.
  2. Big Trouble in Little China--Kurt Russell is a national treasure; we all know it. If you drop the name "David Lo Pan" and the other person doesn't recognize it, that person needs to be axed from your life.
  3. The 5-Year Engagement- why didn't this movie do better?? So good. Allison Brie's British accent alone is worth the watch.
  4. Prisoners--so damn depressing (so many clouds and people wearing damp-looking knits) but it sort of sucks you in. What is up with Detective Loki? The tattoos, the eye tick, the European male model hair...? I have an elaborate backstory for him (estranged girlfriend and kid he never sees) but that's for another list.
  5. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love--one of Mira Nair's most underrated films. The soundtrack is phenomenal, and the colors so rich. Indira Varma is so excellent in this...
  6. The Evil Dead--original. A young Bruce Campbell could get it--hello, Ashley. A horror wonder for the budget it was made on.