Ryan Murphy--why pick one movie to pay homage to when you you chose to mimic 30 or 40 of them instead! Another season of American Horror Story
  1. Mare Winningham
    Highly underrated. Hope she gets to do more than just speak in a plummy accent. (And it still irks me she never got to guest on Parks & Rec--how I wanted a reunion with Rob Lowe-Billy & Wendy 4Eva)
  2. Over 90 minutes again?
    My God, Ryan Murphy, there's nothing wrong with keeping it an hour.
  3. The career resurgence of Wes Bentley
    Good for him. I once had such a huge crush on him that I bought that gold rush movie he was in from a bargain bin. Shame on me.
  4. They don't seem to have enough electricity to put the lights above dim setting, but there's enough juice in outlets to power Sarah Paulson's crimper
  5. Music
    Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music---when will Cocteau Twins make an appearance?
  6. Matt Bomer wears the hell out of pants.
  7. Why is Holden sound British? Was he raised by Madonna?
  8. Blonde children annoy me
  9. Kendall Jenner & Coachella-what trendy references!!
  10. It should be illegal to hurt the feelings of Matt Bomer's cheekbones.
  11. An hour and 20 minutes in before we unload an assload of exposition....
  12. You just know be day he's going to set one of these shows at a summer camp.