Entering the world of Whisky, here's what I've got so far. Continually updating as I go! Very much a rookie, recommendations welcome!
  1. Aberlour 16 year
    Strong first sip but so smooth. A new favorite!
  2. Macallan Select Oak
    A little harsh on first taste, I drink with a capful of water, has a sweet taste at the end like a rum filled chocolate? Not a fan of the nose but taste more than makes up for it
  3. Crown Royal Northern Harvest
    And not just because Jim Murray said so, my default whisky
  4. Glenfiddich 15 year
  5. Glenlivet 12 year
  6. Chivas 12 year
  7. Johnny Walker Black Label
  8. Dalwhinnie 15 year
    Smooth and full flavor, kind of sweet? Not a big fan
  9. Bowmore 12 year
    Too smokey for my taste