1. Chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies
    Brown sugar, melted butter variety to be precise
  2. Grilled cheese sandwich with any meats is no longer a Grilled Cheese
    It's a melt
  3. Beef ribs are better than pork ribs
    Texas vs Tennessee thing
  4. If your cereal is floating you put too much milk in the bowl
    Check the picture on the box and use as directed
  5. Steak never cooked passed Medium
    Waiters should refuse service accordingly
  6. Pomegranates are worth the trouble
    Peeling time, stains and all
  7. Waffles > Pancakes
    Ok this might be a personal preference
  8. Your vegan chicken sandwich does not taste like chicken
    It might be good, but that's not what chicken tastes like
  9. Cheesecake should be firm, not gelatinous
    Miss me with that soft ish
  10. Guacamole is the best condiment
    And much more versatile than it gets credit for.
  11. Regular salt > Lawry's or Adobo
    Deep cultural and emotional ties to this one, I'll end here.