A selection of my last several received text messages
  1. It's All Yours
    My Wife's phone - Telling me she saved me BBQ leftovers.
  2. As Long as he's rocking he's mostly okay, just not eating
    My Mom - Sending a non-reassuring message looking after my 2 month old for the day
  3. You need to use the post-money val
    My boss - gently reminding me I should brush up on my basic arithmetic skills
  4. Yeah, I'd love to talk
    A founder - In response to a possible investor introduction
  5. Let me know if I need to get you, elevator is tricky
    My friend - in town staying at Sofitel... elevator was tricky.
  6. Pic
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    My wife's iPad - taking a pic of our son getting his hair washed
  7. We closed a deal on the film, let's chat more soon
    A friend - Wrote a movie about a crazy app a guy developed, asked if I would consult for the film.
  8. We went to the court Friday, and had a shower yesterday
    My cousin - just got married and has a little one on the way. I assume we're talking baby shower here.
  9. No, but willing to relocate
    Fraternity brother - trying to find a job for another brother in LA.