10 things that consistently make me happy!
  1. Time with my family.
    Conversation with my husband, hugs from my kids, and laughter with my favorite people.
  2. Creating
    Painting is my favorite, but any sort of creative process fuels my spirit.
  3. The color yellow.
    It is cheerful, the color of sunshine, and the color of my grandparent's house when I was young.
  4. Sunshine.
    The warmth of it hitting my skin is a bit like a hug.
  5. Swimming.
    The weightless feel of your body and the smell of chlorine. It reminds me of childhood fun and my time as a lifeguard in high school.
  6. The ocean.
    The vastness of water reaching as far as you can see. The waves constantly flowing in with no batteries needed. The sound. The shells on the beach. The reflection of the sun.
  7. New York City
    A place where you could run into anyone! A place of diversity, dreams, history, excitement, and beauty. The chaos keeps my easily distracted brain entertained.
  8. The word happy.
    Life is too short to be unhappy. This word is my favorite emotion. When I feel happy, I feel like I have looked adversity in the eye and said you didn't win.
  9. Candy.
    Being a sugar addict is part of the pleasure, but I love the bright colors and often cheerful packaging too. I love the bursts of flavors, and even the smell. I love blowing big bubbles with original bubblegum.
  10. Kindness with no agenda
    I love intentional kindness, random acts of kindness, and people who are willing to give with no expectations in return.