These are the ones I remember.
  1. Baby (1st & 4th grade)
    complete with footie PJs and giant novelty baby bottle
  2. Native American (2nd grade)
    Made by mom. She wasn't home when I got home from school that Halloween. I was traumatized.
  3. Minnie Mouse (5th grade)
    Thrown together at the absolute last minute, right before I left for school. Basically slapped some Minnie Mouse ears on my head & called it a costume.
  4. Bird (middle school)
    My least favorite mom-made creation. She put together this amazing sweater with hand made feathers on it. Went with a bird mask. I absolutely hated it and almost refused to wear it.
  5. Hershey Kiss (high school)
    Probably my favorite ever. Made by my mom. She made most of these.
  6. Angel (high school)
    Another good mom creation.
  7. Hippie (high school)
    Tie-dyed t-shirt, overalls, shades, peace sign necklace, etc.
  8. Court Jester (high school)
    I had a costume party to go to & no costume so my mom bought this off the rack on Halloween. Bottom of the barrel. It didn't even fit.