1. Music
    Particularly Beach Slang's new album The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us. My current #1, sleep depriving, all encompassing, life destroying addiction. Also: The Griswolds, Cursive, Urban Cone, Vinyl Theatre, and anything Shawn Harris has done lately.
  2. Candy Crush
    Infernal time-wasting, worthless, horrible game. I've made it to level 537. After taking around a year off from playing, I'm invested in it again and getting through an average of 2-3 levels per day.
  3. Sugar
    Living on a diet of Pop Tarts and Raisinets has become the norm lately. Low-key afraid I'll never hit rock bottom because I'll be stuck wedged between the walls halfway down the proverbial hole.
  4. Twitter
    Best means for connecting with musicians I'm obsessed with and other fans like me.
  5. The List App
    I already loved making lists & social media, so this was a guaranteed winner.
  6. Did I already mention Beach Slang?
    Because, Beach Slang.