These are all 100% true things that I have done.
  1. Follow you on every form of social media
    except MySpace because who needs that?
  2. Learn all of your songs
  3. And past musical endeavors
  4. And where you're from
  5. And what your significant other's name is
  6. Look at your significant other's social media accounts
    but not follow them.
  7. Follow your friends on social media
  8. Find out where you hang out
    purely for curiosity reasons, what do I look like?
  9. Learn your pets name(s)
  10. Look you up in the White Pages
    You're famous, so you're probably not in there. But maybe I'll get lucky & find your parents'/siblings/cousin's phone number.
  11. Google image search you
  12. Watch every YouTube video of your band ever uploaded
  13. Write to you on social media
  14. Write you fan mail via e-mail
    bonus points if you've given me your personal e-mail address and not just the band's record label account.
  15. Write poems and/or stories about you
  16. Buy you (and/or your pets) thoughtful gifts
  17. Spend more time thinking about thoughtful gifts for you than for my own family
  18. See you in concert as many times as possible in my home town
  19. And in cities 3 hours away
  20. And in different time zones
  21. Not be able to think of something other than "the show was great/amazing/awesome" when I meet you
  22. Buy your music in multiple formats
  23. Buy your other merchandise
  24. Try to get your phone number
  25. Text you
  26. Write an apology letter for being an annoying fan girl
  27. Stay awake until 4am listening to your music
  28. Stay awake until 4am writing lists about your band