Nashville may be known as Music City, but I think it's a contender to be Coffee City, too--move over Seattle. I miss living there and I especially miss these coffee spots.
  1. Crema
    Original or Pinewood Social outpost. Their Cuban is phenomenal, and it's just enough hipster that you feel in the know, but not so much so that you feel tragically uncool. Plus Cronuts!
  2. Barista Parlor
    These hipsters take pride in their brews. It's all about the craft here and it shows in both the time spent and end product---totally worth the wait...and you will wait especially on a busy weekend morning. This is a place where you sit back and relax, enjoy the scenery/people watching and partake in one of the damn delicious sausage peach jam biscuits.
  3. Edgehill Cafe
    A neighborhood favorite of mine, just down the street from Vanderbilt, this place has some of the best tasting lattes around. Add to it a more than decent brunch menu and lots of seating for studying and you have the makings of a great coffee spot.
  4. Ugly Mugs
    I mean, it's next to Silly Goose and Jeni's in East Nashville, so you're setting yourself up for success, but man are their Black Bear and Hoodie lattes and Vietnamese iced coffee good. Lots of places to sit including outdoor tables too!
  5. 8th and Roast
    This place brings in everyone from bikers to community activists to Lululemon moms. Because their coffee is delicious and they have cold brews which are the best!
  6. Frothy Monkey
    Monkey mocha. 12 South is my favorite and most popular location, and it's also the location where Harry Styles was spotted, so there.
  7. Dose
    Incredible house made syrups. Open, brightly lit space, attracts the more professional crowd, perhaps due to proximity to good highway access/gateway to Sylvan Park.
  8. Fido
    Do yourself a favor and get a local latte and a cookie/slice of cake at this cute cafe that serves Bongo Java. Once published as one of Taylor Swift's favorites, the only knock is that they cut off the wifi to discourage day loungers.
  9. Thistle Stop Cafe
    Coffee with a conscience. This coffee shop supports women who have had harder times get back into the their coffee is legitimately good.
  10. Sam & Zoe's
    Their coffee is delicious, but I come here for the amazing, overflowing with quality ingredients, breakfast burritos and sandwiches. And they have a drive through. And they share a parking lot with Baja Burrito.