Just a couple of things that are on my mind this week
  1. Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered
  2. How Labron originally @ replied the idea about releasing the b-sides to Kendrick Lamar and his manager on twitter
  3. Kendrick Lamar's verse on No More Parties in LA
  4. How Weezy loves Kendrick too
  5. How Kendrick is 28 years old (and he was like 22 when he was making Section.80)
  6. Kendrick's five Grammy awards
  7. Kendrick's ambition
  8. Kendrick's artistic genius
  9. His raw sexy ass voice
  10. The way he speaks about his girlfriend of 10 years with such respect
  11. His blue suit
  12. His perfect stature
  13. His down to earth presence
  14. The GQ spread
  15. All his clothes actually
  16. That cute lil nose