1. I have nothing to do for 29 minutes but make a list
  2. As a theater person myself, I know the show will start 7 minutes late, so it's really 36 minutes
  3. These seats are annoying me, and I'm on the end of the row so I'll be getting up every 15 seconds to let people in and out
  4. There isn't enough light to read the Playbill
  5. This happens every time I go to the theater, but my bf wanted to leave on the early side, and I didn't say anything
  6. He's perfectly comfortable in his seat, reading the Playbill
  7. Why didn't I say something? I'm the one IN Theater.
  8. It smells like old lady perfume. (OLP)
  9. Someone is coughing and like, gagging. Great we'll all get sick. Yup! There goes another one.
  10. Is anyone in this theater not younger than 90?
  11. When you cross in front of me, you say "thank you" after you pass, you ungrateful bitches. You think I want to do the Up-Down Dance all night.
  12. Oy. Take death and move back a step. That's how old this woman is.
  13. Ok. I'll stop.