In the spirit of being an adventurous teenager for 30 more days, I will complete every (legal, moral, possible, and "mostly" practical) recommendation of how I should spend these precious last days!
  1. Write an angsty song - JH
  2. Buy the teen deodorant that smells like candy - LP
  3. Eat a lot of junk food, cause when you hit 20, it sticks - SV ✔️
  4. Soak it in - IP
  5. Streak and be naked in public as much as possible **illegal** - anonymous
  6. Eat a pizza the size of your face - KB ✔️
  7. Drop out of school and join a band **too impractical** - BN
  8. Write a love letter to your mother - My Mom
  9. Get in one last fight with your parents - Uncle PS
  10. Roll your eyes at something your parents said - Grandma JG
  11. Inappropriately snapchat strangers at Target and if they ask or comment say "it's a teen thing"
    Suggested by @milk
  12. Take a spontaneous road trip with friends - LS ✔️
  13. Take a nap - AE
  14. Take bubble baths - MM