I was born a bookworm. I've read hundreds of books in my lifetime. From pretty much every genre out there. Here are some that particularly stayed with me long after I finished them. Ones that get you to think and to feel. Ones that are incredible & unforgettable. The kind that you read over & over again. The kind you would recommend to people, etc.
  1. Harry Potter Series
    There's a reason why you'll see these books on every must-read list ever made. Even if fantasy and magic and fiction aren't your speed, the characters are unique, original and relatable. The stories are so well crafted. It is the kind of series that doesn't worsen with each installment. It gets better and you become more and more invested in the plot. J.K. Rowling is a genius. Enough said.
  2. Sold
    Honestly, I am so angry that this book didn't win the National Book Award. It's a written in a unique style that gives it a poetic feel. It is gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster that makes you not only look at the world differently but want to make a change in it. The protagonist is a strong, selfless and courageous young girl with an excellent perspective. Extremely poignant. I would definitely recommend.
  3. The Great Gatsby
    Whatever you do, don't wait for your English teacher to assign this novel for you to read it. It's far from the dull snooze fest one may expect based on the bizarre cover & the fact that the book is decades old. It's F. Scott Fitzgerald's finest work and a timeless masterpiece to say the least. This book will toy with your emotions (also to say the least!) but in the end it is worth taking time to enjoy. Plus, there's a film version made a couple years ago starring the one and only Leo DiCaprio!
  4. The Absolutely True Story of A Part Time Indian
    Sherman Alexei is a hilarious, original and refreshing author like none other. His autobiography about his experiences growing up as a Native American in a white-dominated town will make you laugh until your stomach aches. It's truthful, entertaining and very relatable. 10/10 insist you give it a try.
  5. The Fault In Our Stars
    A modern-day tale of young, star-crossed lovers with old souls. John Green has created the perfect story for suckers for a good romance. It'll make you smile, question the meaning of life, and take you on an infinite ride of feelings. Grab some tissues if you're particularly sensitive, if you're not an emotional type, grab a jumbo-pack of Kleenex from Costco. & read every other book written by Green while you're at it. But don't read Looking For Alaska right after reading TFIOS. They're similar.
  6. I Am Malala
    An inspiration for people of all ages. Malala is incredibly courageous, intelligent and admirable. A hero and brilliant spokesperson that captures the voice of females everywhere. Her story is simply remarkable. At the ripe age of 16, she is a celebrated global phenom, a selfless individual and sets a great example for young girls. Her empowering autobiography truly embodies who she is.
  7. Room
    An easy read because it's told from the POV of a child, a difficult read because the plot is much more heart breaking coming from the mouth of babes rather than that of an adult. You'll be cheering for the protagonist until the very end. A powerful tale of the impenetrable bond between mother & son. An unforgettable, predictable yet unpredictable plot veiled with tragedy even in the book's brightest moments. After you finish it you'll wish it had a few more chapters, don't worry-no cliffhangers!
  8. Night
    It is one of those books that you simply have to read. Is it depressing? Yes. Is it true? Sadly, it is. Is it crucial that you read it? Everyone needs to realize how deeply horrifying one of the most significant acts of cruelty in the history of the world really was. The story of a victim and a survivor, this book will transform you. It will utterly and completely change you. Written by Elie Wiesel.
  9. Anything by Roald Dahl
    A magnificently talented children's author with an imagination like no other. His works include charming tales such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, the BFG, the Witches and many more. If you start one, read them all! He wrote a variety of books, targeted at both kids and adults. He was a master storyteller anyone will enjoy.