Let's be honest. Since Zack and Cody graduated from 7 Seas High, Alex became the family wizard, Miley spilled the Hannah secret and Raven had her last vision, the golden age of Disney Channel has come to a screeching halt. The most recent shows are increasingly uninteresting and short-lived. Here are a few examples of downhill Disney shows.
  1. Best Friends Whenever
    The jokes aren't funny at all & the plot lines are increasingly boring as the show struggles on. They are better off putting it to rest. For the sake of the network's viewership & of the actors who are not benefitting from their first gig as Disney kids. & let's not forget the characters. The leads aren't relatable and it is hard to get attached to them. The twin thing is becoming slightly overdone. The catch phrases aren't memorable and the two male leads don't contribute anything to the show.
  2. Bazardvark
    I don't even need to see the first episode to tell it will be as short-lived and unpopular as Best Friends Whenever.
  3. Bunk'd
    The show would've been fine having ended with Jessie. While it's nice to see such a diverse cast, the show is very predictable, the storylines don't really grab the attention of viewers and I'll be honest here. Props to them though for casting the actress that played Freddie's mom on iCarly. She makes a great psychotic, man-crazy/hungry, desperate and snarky authority figure. But at the end of the day, she played the part better as Freddie's overbearing mother than a crappy camp director.
  4. Dog With A Blog
    Mick the dog is beyond cute & his puppies are too. But the humans aren't relatable, have a tendency to be annoying and the solution to the situations they get themselves into are predictable. The acting is forced and the laugh track doesn't help either. Some shows can pull off the track, this isn't one of them. It's one of those shows that reaches the point that its only viewers are fans of a random couple. But the forced relationship drama is predictable. Boy & Girl usually end up together.