Words of wisdom that I hope people listen to and pass on to others.
  1. Be aware of what is going on in the world around you because ignorance is not bliss.
  2. Speak softly and carry a big stick.
  3. Smile often
  4. Spend every minute of your life doing something you love because once their gone, there's nothing you can do about the time you wasted.
  5. Self confidence is when you look at yourself in the mirror, acknowledge you're flawed, that you're imperfect. And embrace it. Embrace the mistakes you know you will make & accept you must fail before you achieve victory. Self cockiness is looking at yourself, and not thinking about your flaws. You feel victory is your only option. But you can't
    learn from victory. Be confident. Embrace yourself & from that point on, you will always have the upper hand. If you are pitted against someone like-minded, you are evenly matched. But the great thing is that you will never encounter anyone who has an advantage over you. Confident people win because they accept who they are. They accept they are human. & learn what it takes to successful. Part of that is failure. So go. Look in the mirror. Embrace it. Accept it. Learn from it. Confidence is key.
  6. Don't take IB Chemistry in high school
  7. Don't waste your time dwelling on what could have happened and what didn't occur in your favor. Instead, focus on what is happening right in front of you and what will happen in the near and far future. The things that you harness the power to change and make in your favor.
  8. It's okay to be lazy every once in a while.
  9. Never procrastinate. It's stressful to go about your daily life with a heavy burden on your shoulders. Unload the weight and go to sleep at night feeling light as air and accomplished. Get it done now and walk away later with the satisfaction and relief of not having to have to do anything later. You can watch Netflix in peace.
  10. Your number one priority should always be family. Unless your friends are your family. In which case they are at the top of your priority list. Always make them the most important thing in your life.