1. Chores
    As a kid my dad developed an elaborate chores-points system for my brother and I. Instead of just doing chores, we had the option of doing more-- various jobs around the house and the more we did, the more points we earned. Each chore was a few points, and it could mean the difference between 0-10 bucks a week... It was totally up to us how much we could make. Pretty cool now that I think back on it.
  2. Football pencil saleswoman
    My mom used to sell her artwork at craft shows and other fairs and I would sometimes set up shop. For some reason I had a lot of football pencils (pencils with football team logos on them) that I'd bought from the school store. I had them all displayed in this cool tin and sold them at the Garden State Racetrack.
  3. Gift wrapper
    For a few years I wrapped all the holiday gifts for my mom's boyfriend's company. So all his clients and employees. They were tins of cookies and there were hundreds of them. It took me a week after school and was exhausting but it was amazing as a 15 year old.
  4. Camp counselor
    I worked as a counselor at an overnight camp for 5 summers.
  5. Pat 'n Joe's Cafe
    I waitressed at this cafe next to the Devon Bowling Lanes Senior year of high school.
  6. The Hidden Bean
    Food prep and barista at Baltimore cafe.
  7. Donna's Cafe
    Waitressed at this restaurant in Baltimore off Falls road near Hampden.
  8. Anthropologie - Rockefeller location
    It was the closest I could get to working at SNL.
  9. Industry Nine Five
    Assistant to the owners. I uploaded a lot of the Ted talk videos and tracked them on google analytics. Learned a little SEO, blog outreach, got coffee and lunch and other personal stuff.
  10. Assistant to storyteller
    I helped this storyteller (world reknown!) set up her workshops, organize her website, apartment, etc.
  11. The Town Tavern
    I applied wristbands to people who were attending the upstairs beer pong festivities or coming to see the singer/songwriter play. I collected $7 at the door and tried to not get anyone's arm hair stuck on the sticky part of the wristband.
  12. Intern at UCB
    Worked the front desk at the training center on Sundays for a little bit.
  13. Anthropologie - 5th Ave location
    Found myself back here...
  14. Soulfully Good caterers
    Catered weddings, office parties, showers etc. I wrapped tins of cookies (how am I doing this again??)in the back of a van as we delivered them to clients all over NJ.
  15. Imagine That card company
    Drew, printed + sold line of greeting cards to small stores all over the city. Carried incredibly large bag of said cards all over town and walked into stores. Terrifying! Set up table in Union square and on west Broadway. Thousands of these are in my mom's basement right this very moment.
  16. Etsy shop
    Sold cityscapes on Etsy
  17. Equinox
    I was an intern and did various jobs for 4 hours a week to get a membership at the Grand central location. I handed out fliers, created packets and brochures, etc.
  18. Birdbath Bakery - Charles street location
    Worked at this offshoot of City Bakery. This location isn't there anymore, but it was adorable. Sold coffee and pastries to very loyal customers. Ate too many pastries.
  19. Caridan
    This was an SEO/blog outreach job I hated. The company's name is the owner and his wife's names, combined... Cari and Dan. I thought and think it's the worst idea.
  20. AOL Artist
    I sold a bunch of drawings to AOL when they were rebranding their logo and using various artist's work to be a part of it.
  21. Lifebooker
    I did New York Sales, cold calling salons, restaurants and basically anywhere trying to make LOOT (aka Deals... Deals Deals)
  22. Broad City
    It's an extremely amazing thing to get to make and do what you love. I'm very lucky.