@kfalconer please forward this to any prospectives
  1. Never lay a single unwanted finger on her.
    Aggressively or sexually. You do it, you you deal with me.
  2. Be her best friend.
    You should love everything about her and think everything she does is adorable. Be excited to spend time together.
  3. Spend time with us, the family.
    If you hide from her family, you're hiding something bigger. We love to love new people so come on in! ☺️ but we also love to hate assholes who hurt our loved ones, don't forget.
  4. Have goals
    If you're standing still in life and content with where you are at, that's a problem. Have the desire to do better and surround yourself by others who want the same thing!
  5. Respect her
    Every sense of the phrase. Respect her wants, her privacy, her body, her mind, her space, her things, her family, etc. and we've raised her to do the same.