When I got married I was 23 and my husband was 25. I get it. That's young. But please stop with the questions and assumptions. Honestly, I swear I'm not as grouchy or angry as this last makes me seem. Xoxo 😘
  1. "What are your plans on marriage when you guys grow up?"
    Ugh. By grown up do you mean 30? 40? 50? Because I've been a legal adult for enough years now where I think I can make my own decisions. Obviously our plans are to continue to be married.
  2. "Did you parents know you two got married?"
    Yes. And they were 100% supportive.
  3. "What about your career?
    Ahh my favorite. I forgot once you get married in your 20s your dreams go out the window and you're no longer hire able.
  4. "Why don't you two wait?"
    ...says the woman with two divorces under her belt.
  5. "Were you pregnant?"
    No, woman who is simply going to the gym I worked at, I wasn't pregnant. Sorry to not be THAT exciting. Also, stop talking to me and do what you came here to do!