I'm from the wonderful state of Massachusetts. Western Mass is my favorite place in the fall, it's so peaceful and beautiful! However, I've found myself in a northern city currently, where the falls aren't the same and the winter is promised to be a wicked huge bitch. Wicked depressing.
  1. Sunday
    Sunday's I should be at home watching football at my parent's house with a certain candle burning, the windows open (creating a nice crisp feeling in the house), my pups, family, and my seasonal beers.
  2. "Home sweet home"
    My mom's favorite candle by Yankee Candle. In MA you only burn Yankee candle brand candles, since they're from MA.
  3. Shipyard Pumpkin Head Beer
    The only pumpkin flavored thing I lose my mind over every fall. Cinnamon sugar rim on a nice cold glass, ugh 😧. Shipyard is brewed in Maine, my old state. I'm very loyal to the products of my places.
  4. Teriyaki Wings
    Fall off the bone wings 👌🏼 home made of course.
  5. A backyard
    Here is what people do in the city that I'm in. People will buy a reasonable sized lot and build a monster house that takes up every inch of the lot. WHAT ABOUT THE YARD!!!??? I miss houses with big yards that aren't on top of each other and don't all look the same. Not every neighborhood has to be a "development" where the houses are all exactly the same and two feet from each other 😫 rant over.
  6. Seeing people with their siblings
    I miss my sister every minute of every single day and cry about it at least twice a week. Seeing other sisters together basically takes my heart out of my body and blends it up into a nice drink that the devil then enjoys.
  7. Grocery stores
    The grocery store situation in this city is an absolute nightmare. You have the very pricey stores where nothing is ever on sale, or you have the dumpy places that make you bag your own groceries and have horrible quality foods. I miss Big Y and Stop and Shop. Grocery stores that are HUGE! Always have good sales but aren't dumpy at all! Seriously, I'm obsessed with Big Y and I don't even care.
  8. Driving
    For one. Gas prices here are double what they are back home. Second, there's too many damn cars on the road here, and way too many lights!! Takes forever to get anywhere!!
  9. Lawn mowers
    This goes back to number 5. I haven't seen a ride on mower since I've been here, probably because nobody has yards. The only reason I bring this one up is because I had the pain of seeing my first plug in lawn mower the other day. I didn't even know those existed, likely because it's hard to find an acres length of extension cord to be able to use those at home.
  10. The foliage of course!
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    Beautiful trees everywhere - lakes, rivers, and ponds all over the place with beautiful reflections of the trees in the water. Western Mass isn't cluttered with buildings and people everywhere which means we have so many more trees to admire! This picture doesn't even have a lot of color to it but the trees are still just so beautiful! And the fence! The little road with nobody else on it!