This VH1 show is a total delight. 90s songs already take up a huge chunk of my iTunes but these are long lost loves I've been reunited with thanks to the show.
  1. Frente—Marvin the Album
    How did I ever forget how much I loved this group? I've been walking around to "Accidentally Kelly Street", "Labour of Love", and "No Time" for weeks now.
  2. US3—Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
    Wait wait a minute...
  3. The Soup Dragons—Divine Thing
    God I loved this band and this song.
  4. Del Amitri—Roll to Me
    Still brings a smile to my face, pretty baby.
  5. Soul Asylum—Runaway Train
    This talk instantly takes me back to driving around in HS smoking many, many Marlboro Lights (and then telling my parents that my curly hair just absorbed the smoke smell from other people)
  6. Soho—Hippychick
    YESSSSSSSSS. Couch dancing occurred.