As Carrie Bradshaw once said "If Louis was right and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine. And I can't have nobody talking shit about my boyfriend."
  1. "New York, New York" - Ryan Adams
  2. "An Open Letter to NYC" - Beastie Boys
  3. "New York, New York" - Frank Sinatra
  4. "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" - Elton John
  5. "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" - Beastie Boys
  6. "Christmas in Hollis" - Run DMC
  7. "New York State of Mind" - Billy Joel
  8. "Washington Square" "Sullivan Street" and "Mr. Jones" - Counting Crows
    Suggested by @donnie
  9. Welcome to New York - Taylor Swift
    Suggested by @abbyzeecee
  10. Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
    Suggested by @hollis
  11. New York Groove - Ace Frehley!
    Suggested by @caffrin