It's all a build-up to "One Shining Moment"
  1. The Wisconsin players' obsession with the press conference stenographer
    They've taken to throwing out random words during their post-games to make her job even more interesting and giving her big ups on social media.
  2. Ron Hunter & Georgia State
    This coach is 💯. He tore his Achilles in their conference championship. Fell off his stool and broke his cast when they upset Baylor in the first round. And gave the best presser post their loss to Xavier talking about this as the best week of his life as a coach and a father (his son is the team's best player.) I dare you not to get misty.
  3. Sad Band Girl
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    My first tweet about this young lady misidentified her instrument as a flute. Thank god 10000000 people on Twitter are there to tell you you're stupid and it's a piccolo. Regardless as Internet star was born as she bravely played through her pain after 'Nova went down.