It was a sexy Saturday night shredding old bills and tax stuff in the name of tidying, y'all
  1. Apparently I've been carting around old cell phone bills from apt to apt, including two moves to LA and back.
    Also, it's horrifying to look back at the late night drunk dials you made as a youth.
  2. Old pay stubs from my first magazine job at Jane. HOW DID I EVEN LIVE?!
    I forgot to take a pic but that number was SO small
  3. NY Post Dec 1999 wearing a beloved-at-the-time embroidered Anna Sui pashmina and a very '90s brow
  4. I used to be cool and do stuff that was not shredding bills on a Saturday night
  5. Goofing off with Taye Diggs on a Jane shoot, probably '99. See again: '90s brow
  6. A full undeveloped disposable camera from an unknown time and place