If I have fewer than 30 L&Os on my DVR at any time, I feel panicky. This list is original sauce only, though SVU also holds a special spot in my heart.
  1. Jamie Ross
    I think I feel a strong connection to Carey Lowell because Carey is my middle name/my mom's maiden name...but also Jamie was tough.
  2. Abbie Carmichael
    A close second but I feel like she liked guns too much and was a little conservative for my taste.
  3. Claire Kincaid
    I'm still sad about how Claire died.
  4. Paul Robinette
    The OG of the OG
  5. Serena Southerlyn
    She was adequate. Whatever.
  6. Alexandra Borgia
    I could never quite get past the fact that Annie Parisse played a defendant before she was an attorney.