@bjnovak started it
  1. Texts
    The last thing I put away is my laptop...and now I get my texts on there too. But it's still my first look. I keep my phone on the kitchen counter, on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night I will check it. Mostly because I have some PTSD from the night I got a random call from my dad that my mom died. Sad, but true.
  2. Work email
    Can't not check it as soon as my eyes are open, even if my glasses aren't on my face.
  3. Gmail
    Same as the above but mostly it's a bunch of newsletters. Now that I'm trying to work out early, even some of those aren't there yet
  4. Twitter
    Like @bjnovak I check my @replies first. Then a brief check of anything major I missed.
  5. Facebook
    Did I just show my age? Check any notifications first pass. I'll come back to this app way later in the morn.
  6. Weather
    A girl's gotta know how to dress
  7. Instagram
    Again, likes and comments first because I'm selfish that way. Then a brief scroll down to make sure I'm up to speed on the west coast's nighttime shizz
  8. Back to email to read the newsletters I care about and click on stories therein
  9. Slack
    While I'm walking to the subway to check on work stuff...but usually after I've looked at all of the above again (minus weather)
  10. Podcast app
    To see if anything new needs to be downloaded on my way to work.
  11. iTunes
    15 to work with tunes while I read emails that I saw earlier but need to read again and start to answer