@Nicholas started it! I want to see everyone's!
  1. My homescreen
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  2. I don't really use folders which is odd considering my computer desktop is all about a folder.
  3. Wallpaper rotates with photos of each of my 3 glorious nephews since I could never play favorites.
  4. Top row and bottom 2 rows are the most used apps but everything on the home screen is in heavy rotation
  5. ListApp has been home screen since day one...obvs
  6. I sometimes feel bad for the apps that just miss the cut and linger on page 2. Sorry Bank of America!
  7. Some apps get moved up seasonally and are often sports related like CBS Sports during March Madness and my fantasy football one.
  8. I should add that it gives me extreme anxiety to have any red dots on an app. If you are one of those people with unread emails, I basically don't know how you live.