Inspired by @abbyzeecee's list
  1. John Mellencamp
    I'm from Indiana. Enough said.
  2. Grateful Dead
    Including the very last Jerry show, but not the Fare Thee Well dates which makes me sad.
  3. James Taylor
    Gardner family tradition
  4. Britney Spears
    Hit me baby one more time.
  5. Dave Mathews Band
    I am not embarrassed. I love DMB.
  6. Billy Joel
    I was 15 the first time and we sat front row and got to sing into the mike on "Only the Good Die Young". It was awesome.
  7. The Why Store
    A local Indiana band we were obsessed with in the early '90s
  8. The Lemonheads
    My Evan Dando crush will never die
  9. Coldplay
    I will never care if this makes me so basic
  10. Beyoncé
  11. Jay-Z
    The Watch the Throne your was my fave