Long live the Golden Age of Reality TV
  1. Paradise Hotel
    No show in the history of time has ever been better.
  2. Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
    Where is Fe, Brit's old assistant? Remember when we talked a LOT about Shar Jackson?
  3. Growing Up Gotti
    My mob obsession only grew deeper...
  4. The Simple Life
    Sometimes I feel bad for Paris and how sad she must be to not be super famous anymore.
  5. The Surreal Life
    When a show's first season has Vince Neil living in a house with Andrea Zuckerman, you know you've struck gold.
  6. Strange Love
    Flav + Brigitte 4EVA
  7. The Joe Schmo Show
    Meta-reality created by the guys who wrote Zombieland. Season 2, where one of the "schmos" got wise to the premise and was convinced to keep up the facade to fool the other rube, was also great, but season 1 had the added bonus of a then-unknown Kristen Wiig.
    Suggested by @mandi