You should go if you ever have the chance. I'm from Indy so I grew up loving this race. It is the only one I will go to or watch.
  1. There's a reason it's called the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.
    Watching cars go over 200 mph around a 2.5 mile oval is unreal...and weirdly beautiful
  2. The people-watching
    300,000 people at one venue. High brow meets LOWWWW brow. Almost everyone is drunk. It's an American treasure.
  3. The party
    You start drinking when the sun comes up. It is worth it. Also, the next day is a holiday.
  4. There's a parade
    I hate parades but there's one on Saturday and other people really enjoy it
  5. It's really old and that's awesome
    Next year will be the 100th running. We don't have a lot of sporting events with that much history
  6. Traditions
    I should know why the winning driver drinks milk at the end but I always forget. Either way it's weird and cool. As is the singing of "Back Home Again in Indiana" for years by Jim Nabors. He did not this year but it stills gives me chills and makes me almost cry.
  7. Race car drivers are mad sexy
  8. The drama
    That shit is SCARY. The end of this race had like 100 passes and I almost peed my pants from nerves.
  9. There used to be Ashley Judd sightings...but now her dude is retired. (He is, however, still very sexy.)