After 15+ years as a beauty editor I've got many, many product obsessions. Feel free to hit me up for more specific lists.
  1. All things Sonya Dakar
    I always tell Sonya she is the Eastern European Jewish mother I never had. She is also my west coast skin guru. When I can't see her on the regs due to being in NYC these products are always in my bathroom: Flash Facial, Organic Omega Booster, Detox Daily Moisturizer, Daily Face Shield SPF 30, and Hoya Nourishing Eye Treatment.
  2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
    You look like you're wearing a murderous face accessory but your skin will look amazing after.
  3. Clark's Botanicals Age-Defying Neck Cream
    I'm obsessed with stopping my neck and chest from looking older than my face. My friend Francesco just launched this new cream as part of his (incredible) line.
  4. Restoresea Finishing Mist
    This whole line is awesome too but I like keeping this at my desk to refresh throughout the day.
  5. Skinmedica GlyPro Antioxidant Serum
    Lightweight serum to use under moisturizer to fight environmental damage.
  6. Colbert MD Illumino Oil
    Dr. Colbert is a genius derm. If you can, get his Triad Facial sometime! I swear his oils (one for face and one for body) are magic elixirs for creating radiance.