Sorry it took me so long @sally! I know I'm forgetting so many...this list shall most certainly grow.
  1. Anything Indigo Girls but especially "Closer to Fine", "Ghost", and "Power of Two"
    Those ladies really deceive me into thinking I can harmonize
  2. Don Henley & Stevie Nicks "Leather & Lace"
    Both parts.
  3. Numerous Taylor Swift songs including but not limited to "All Too Well", "You Belong With Me", and "Fifteen"
    ATW is kind of in my register...the others I just feel passionately and that deludes my thoughts about how my voice sounds.
  4. "Nothing Compares 2 You" Sinead version
    Don't ever try to tell 6th grade me that I don't slay those notes...and still do closing in on 40
  5. "Since U Been Gone" Kelly Clarkson
    And not just because I made a brief appearance on season 1 of AI (NOT singing). Also this song makes me want to drive 100 mph down any street.
  6. "Her Town" James Taylor
    I legit sang this acapella for my class in 7th grade for a project about loneliness.